Jatzam Marketing – Trading Video Courses on DVD 2023

Jatzam Marketing is a global marketing company, based in the USA, that retails a wide range of products

Our current products include high quality and extreme value for money trading course that are video based and represent the best option for many traders who want to learn how to trade without incurring the large expense of seminar based trading courses

The benefits of watch at home video based training courses are:

  • Extreme value – our DVD courses are a fraction of the cost of traditional seminar courses, you don’t have the additional expense of travel, hotel and meals
  • Work at your own pace – people learn at different speeds and most are starting out from a different base level of knowledge, while seminars often attempt to bring people up to speed quickly often many get left behind which makes the rest of the seminar meaningless. Watching DVD training at home eliminates these problems and ensures that you learn each step before moving on, at your own pace
  • Repeat viewing – a live seminar is a off event, if you miss part of it or just don’t get it 1st time around you could be missing a vital part of the training. With DVD video trading education you are assured that you don’t miss anything and you can watch over and over again until you fully understand it
  • Sharing – maybe you have friends, family or business partners that would have liked to attend a seminar but can’t for financial  or time reasons, With a DVD training course you can share the training without incurring any additional expense

Trading DVD Courses

Trading Pro System DVD


The FOREX Daily Trading System DVD


The Winning Trade System DVD


FREE Video Trading Course

Free 5 part video training course – this course covers the very essence of trading any market, stocks, FOREX, Futures, Bonds, Gold and is focused on technical analysis, if you ever wanted to really learn this subject this is a must watch course – and of course it’s free, highly recommended – click here

Free Video Trading Course

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