Forex Daily Trading System

The Forex Daily Trading System is the culmination of over twelve years trading by a professional Forex Trader. Nothing is held back, discover the inner workings and learn how to create a precision crafted trading system with over 35 hours in 156 videos

Forex daily Trading System

The Forex Daily Trading System

Watch over the shoulder of a real trader as he explains in detail the techniques and strategies you can learn in order to make money trading the foreign exchange markets

The course covers:

  • FOREX Basics, Setting Up, Brokers, Using MT4 Templates
  • Leverage, Money & Risk Management
  • Technical Analysis, How To Use Indicators, Charts
  • Oscillators, Moving Averages, ADX, Momentum Indicator
  • Relative Strength (RSI), Stochastics, Money Flow
  • Support & Resistance, Supply & Demand
  • Bollinger Bands, CCI, MACD, Fibonacci
  • Trading Strategies, Time Frames, Indicator Combinations
  • Candlestick Patterns and Formations
  • The Most Reliable Candlestick Trades
  • Trading Patterns, Double Top and Bottom
  • Head & Shoulder, Wedges, Flags
  • Question & Answer Sessions
  • Live Trading Webinar
  • Plus much much more

Forex Training Guide

  • Includes 2 Forex Basics Guides

Metatrader Strategy Templates

  • Includes 39 MT4 strategy templates for the Metatrader platform

Bonus Video

  • Includes 7 Part 80 minutes Trading Options as a Business Preview

Bonus Trading Books

  • Includes total of 9 bonus trading books (pdf format)

Forex daily Trading System

Forex Daily Trading System DVD Coupon

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