Trading Pro System

The Trading Pro System is the ultimate real world options trading education course. Watch over the shoulder of a real trader as he explains in detail the techniques and strategies you can learn in order to make money trading both bull and bear markets, in just 15 minutes a day.




The system can used for trading options on regular stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) such as the QQQ, SPY and DIA

This one DVD contains over 24 hours of video and audio education, 2 PDF guides and 3 Excel worksheets. Learn to trade with confidence by mastering stock selection, portfolio building, technical analysis and the Greeks.

This course is organized into easy to follow 11 modules covering:

  • Introduction to Trading as a Business
  • Understanding How to use the Greeks to analyze your trades
  • Trade Selection and Strategies
  • How to build a successful Portfolio
  • Must Have Trading Tools (Think or Swim Trading Platform)
  • Portfolio Management
  • The Secrets of Trade Adjustments
  • How to close Positions for Maximum Profit
  • Complete Technical Analysis Overview
  • Advanced Techniques and Wealth Building
  • Explosive Trading Strategy Examples

Bonus Videos

  • Inside Days Trading System (69 minute video)
  • Extreme Trading (Day Trading Secrets – 50 minute video)


  • Includes 9 trading books in PDF format

Bonus Forex Videos

  • Modules 1 and 2 of The Daily Trading System – 7 hours of Forex education


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Stocks, Options and FOREX DVD